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Welcome to Oneida County Public Health Department

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2010 Flu Clinic Schedule (pdf)

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Public health goes to the heart of what we all care about Ė keeping ourselves, our families, and our community healthy. We all know that this country has a system of doctors and hospitals to take care of us when we get sick. What many people donít know is that there also is a system that keeps us healthy. Itís the public health system.

Public health protects you and keeps you and your loved ones safe and healthy - every day. Public health works to keep entire populations healthy, and when it fails, entire populations suffer. ďAn ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Ē  We know that public health measures donít just save lives, they also save money.

Linda Conlon, RN, BAN, MPH
Health Officer/Director

Oneida & Vilas County AODA Assessment Report

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