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Balsam Bough Permit Information

Balsam Boughs
(October 1 December 31)

  1. No boughs shall be cut within 25 feet of public roads, rivers, lakes.
  2. No cutting on the top 1/3 of the tree.
  3. No cutting of boughs on trees less than eight feet tall.
  4. All branches are to be cut up tight to the tree and unused portions scattered.
  5. No axes are to be used in cutting boughs.
  6. Only balsam fir boughs may be collected.  No other trees will be cut or damaged.
  7. Permit is valid for gathering balsam boughs on Oneida County Forestry Lands, except County Parks, Picnic Areas, Boat Landings and Timber Sale areas.  No cutting shall be permitted during the gun deer season.
  8. The permittee agrees to comply with the state timber theft, slash, fire, and litter laws No gathering may be conducted during emergency forest fire bans.


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